“Our Park” A Documentary on Tokyo’s Nike Miyashita Park


“Our Park” A Documentary on Tokyo’s Nike Miyashita Park

This is a little bit off subject but I found it to be a really informative watch. The first time I went to Tokyo, Yohei from W-Base was telling me about Nike’s plan to convert an “abondoned” elevated park into a skatepark. My first impression was “damn!” that would seriously rule. Miyashita Park runs through W-Base‘s backyard in Shibuya and snakes its way through the densly-populated neighborhood. A skatepark there would be unbelievably awesome for the local shops and the local skaters.

What I wasn’t aware of was the camp of homeless people that have began to call Miyashita Park home. Due to the economic downturn in Japan, many people have lose their homes and their possessions. A large group of them have moved into the once abandoned park and are now fighting against Nike’s acquisition of the space and plans to turn it into a skatepark. This video documents their struggle.

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