Otso’s Voytek Gets a New Look for 2020


Otso’s Voytek Gets a New Look for 2020

First released in 2016, the Voytek broke the fatbike mold with its narrow Q factor and unique ride quality. By pairing a narrow pedal stance with a progressive XC race geometry, the Voytek isn’t the slow and cumbersome fatbike you’re used to. Its capabilities don’t end with a narrower Q factor and XC race geometry. The wheelbase of the Voytek can be extended or shortened by up to 20mm, which also changes bottom bracket height by up to 4mm. In the forward position, you’ve got an aggressive, responsive Voytek for your next race. In the rear position, you’ve got that same intuitive handling but with added stability to make it easier to ride in deep snow or adverse terrain. In the middle, well, that’s the best of both worlds. All Otso bikes are equipped with the versatile Tuning Chip.

Is it a fatbike that can run multiple wheel platforms or a plus bike that can handle fat tires? That’s up for you to decide. For 2020, the Voytek received new colors, and build kit options, offering Shimano SLX to SRAM AXS.

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