I can’t get their website to load properly, but Osloh is a cycling garment company from Brooklyn. This is the first I’m seeing or hearing about it and it looks pretty legit.

From the Chari&Co blog:

OSLOH was created to provide the everyday cyclist, the commuter cyclist, the utility and transportation cyclist with a clothing alternative that works just as well on the road as off. Apparel that is classic and timeless and performs without looking like a Tour De France uniform. The embodiment of this philosophy is our beloved bicycle jean. Here at OSLOH, We are everyday cyclist too. We love riding our bikes, and We want others to experience the fun and joy that cycling brings. We just want to offer you the convenience and pleasure of being able to transition from your bike to your destination effortlessly with a sense of comfort, performance and style. OSLOH… Enjoy the Ride.