One Spot with Mike Pacho


One Spot with Mike Pacho



Today I had internet issues and rather than mope around the house, I went and rode BMX with Mike Pacho. After riding a ditch spot, we swung through the OTX Design offices where Taj and Jim laid out a ton of spots in the area. First we fumbled around with this weird rollercoaster bank and then we headed to this wall ride off the freeway.

I simply love spots like this. The massive, lumbering concrete columns, supporting a ribbon of highways provide more than enough “epicness”. Unfortunately, this spot was out of my expertise so I sat back and watched Mike blast it over and over again.

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We had a blast today, until I ate shit over my bars while riding back to the car. That will never get old either. My hip, shins and palms are gonna need some healing time… back to the road bike!