Ode to the Ski Strap


Ode to the Ski Strap


Words by Morgan Taylor

Yesterday morning, I loaded up my Porcelain Rocket x Radavist MultiKOM Charlene pack for a meeting 30 miles down the road. I packed the usual suspects in addition to a change of clothes – but I needed a pair of shoes. Last week, Brendan Leonard over at Semi-Rad posted a “professional gear review” of a simple tool that we all have a use for: the spoon.

It’s easy to get caught up in highly optimized, technologically advanced gear – but often what you need is a simple solution. I needed to bring my Chacos (which, as it turns out, Brendan has also extolled the virtues of) and there was one way to do that: the ski strap. Until someone comes up with a Chaco-specific solution, I’ll be keeping my ski strap – and I’d suggest you do too.