No HST on Bikes in BC


No HST on Bikes in BC

If you’re in British Columbia and are opposed to the new 7% tax on bicycles, head over here and sign this petition.

To give you some more background:

Visit a Victoria bike store like Recyclistas and you’ll hear how many view this issue.

“[The HST] is kind of frustrating”, said Luke Postl of Recyclistas, “especially with things like helmets. Helmets are already a huge chunk of money for some people. You have to wear them, or you get a fine, and now the cost is going up. The cost is going up on other accessories too — oil and grease, patch kits, reflective stickers and locks. All of that was PST-exempt. I’m against the HST. I think it will alienate a lot of people from riding. It’s added a cost that is too much. The cost of living is already exorbitant, and the minimum wage isn’t going up.”

More information at Inside Saanich South