No Bikes on Fance


No Bikes on Fance

So a friend came by today for an hour or two to hang out. I told them originally the address was 120 but in reality it was 102. So they locked their bike up to a fence and walked down to my apartment. Goes back out and the owner of the building is sawing it in half and took the wheels. There was NO NOTE on the property, nothing. It’s a typically-shitty black iron fence that everyone’s building in NYC has. Nothing special.

On my last block, there would be signs up and down the block outside of people’s apartments who didn’t want bikes locked up. Since a lot of the people speak broken English, it’s often spelled “fance”. I respected those homes and would not lock up to them. Never have I ever dealt with such a bull-headed and stubborn woman. She was close to even spitting in my face as I sat there calmly and explained the situation to her.

What are the legal ramifications of this? The woman called the cops and they said “unless it’s damaged, you cannot remove it for 24 hours”. So she chopped it in half…