Neuhaus Metalworks HBSL Titanium XC Hardtail is Now Available


Neuhaus Metalworks HBSL Titanium XC Hardtail is Now Available

Seen in our Sea Otter Classic 2024 coverage, Neuhaus Metalworks announced the HBSL: the ultimate titanium bike for everything from XC to gravel riding and every adventure in between. It is available frame-only for $3000 and complete starting at $4985. Let’s check it out below.

Colibri Superleggera, Hummingbird Superlight……..nah HBSL, the name should be as fast and smooth as the bike.

Constructed from double-butted aerospace-grade titanium, and handmade in Marin County, California the HBSL has an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring maximum comfort and agility without compromise.

The geometry carefully bridges the gap between mountain and gravel bikes to ensure maximum comfort over long days without giving up confidence as the trail narrows. Like all Neuhaus models the HBSL was designed with rider specific geometry and size specific tubing to provide a consistent ride characteristic across all sizes.

The HBSL is available in these five color options only. MRP forks can be color matched to the Blue and Bronze colors at no extra charge. Cerakote coating is done locally in the Bay Area, CA. Wet paint is not offered at this time for cost, time, and environmental reasons.

Key features of the HBSL Titanium Mountain Bike Frame include:

Double-butted proprietary titanium tubing: Neuhaus Metalworks bikes are known for their amazing ride quality and the HBSL is no exception. The HBSL is constructed using double-butted titanium tubing, when the tubing required does not exist our commitment to creating the best bike possible means that we design and source our own proprietary tubes.

Optimized Geometry: People are unique, which is why the HBSL is available in 10 sizes. This allows the HBSL to strike the perfect balance between agility, stability, and comfort for each unique individual. As with all of our bikes, if you fall outside of our offered size range we will make a bike to fit you at no extra cost.

Advanced Construction: Utilizing state-of-the-art materials, proprietary tubing and innovative manufacturing processes, the HBSL frame is manufactured in the USA at an accessible price point.

Timeless Builds: The HBSL is available as a frame only, as a frameset, or as a complete. For bikes sold as complete or frameset Neuhaus Metalworks has paired the HBSL with parts we know and trust. Personal choice is important and riders can personalize their builds to suit individual preferences and riding style.

For more information about the HBSL and other bikes from Neuhaus Metalworks, please visit or contact