N°5  Chain-L


N°5 Chain-L

I’ve been meaning to post this chain lube for a while but never got around to it. After seeing a pic of it on Hunky Dory, I had to (thanks Mike!). Chain-L is a nicely-branded, high-performance chain lube from New England (Westchester maybe?)

At Interbike a year ago, I snatched up a sample bottle and used it up in a month or two. I wanted to buy more, but at $12.00 per 4oz bottle, it’s a little more than I like to spend on lube. The price is probably why they chose a Chanel-inspired label!

More information:

In a word, it’s oil. More specifically, Chain-L is a blend of extreme pressure (EP) lubricants in a high film-strength mineral oil base, formulated to provide the maximum possible lubrication to the tiny bearings that make up a chain. Chain-L also contains rust inhibitors and other additives to improve its longevity and wet-weather performance.

Check it out at their site here.