The Dutch nail it again. When I was in Holland, I got to ride a few of the rentable cruiser bikes and was really blown away at the amount of bikes that were out on the streets at given moment. Rain or shine, people rode all the time. I was also blown away at all the bike parking. While all these bikes are locked up outside, why not soak up some Sun and put it to use?

Strida’s MOOF was designed in Amsterdam and addresses this issue in a unique way. This bike has PV Cells on the top tube that power a front and rear light. Strida claims the two lights are for one to light the way and the other to make you visible from behind., making me believe that they’ll be bright enough.

The through-top tube reminds me of the Dovetusai bike I posted a while back, only the MOOF has a downtube and looks like it’ll hold up well as a legit commuter.