Mission Workshop Vandal: Initial Reaction


Mission Workshop Vandal: Initial Reaction

Rob and Billy at Mission Workshop hit me up a little while ago when I posted their Vandal backpack. After a few recent emails, they sent me one to test out and offer some PR&D. Usually I wait a while to post a review of a product, but my initial reaction to the bag merits a post. This thing rules; from the branding, to the compartments and even the materials they used for the bag. When I opened the box, the first thing I did was test the expansion factor.

I just bought a frame for a print I have at home and with the bag I was wearing today, I couldn’t find anyway to carry it home, other than tape it under the flap. In a weird twist of fate, I unclipped the Vandal and, holy shit, the strap is elastic! It took this massive, 24″ x 36″ picture frame with ease.

After it passed the initial towing test, I started to dissect the many pockets and features. It’s got more pockets than a pair of raver pants. Hidden compartments, waterproof enclosures, zippered access panels. Everything. Even a grommet in the bottom of the bag in case it becomes water-logged.

Open up!

Overall, my first impression of this bag is that Rob and Billy hit it on the fucking head. Most of us don’t need a massive backpack everyday. We need a backpack that expands when we need it to and compresses down to a manageable size when we’re riding. I’m going to put in some miles with it (which means riding to spots and tossing to the ground) this weekend and hopefully will post a full review shortly.

Seriously though, for a bag that’s made in Americaaaaaaaa, you can’t go wrong here.

Check out more information at the Mission Workshop site and some videos of their Vandal in action, here.

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