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Merckx Mondays

Photo by Bill Woodul

It’s not often you come across never before seen photos of Eddy Merckx, well, photos I’ve never seen anyway and that what we’re sharing with you today. Bill Woodul shot the 1976 Milano SanRemo and got some excellent photos of Merckx. Just check out those gloves! See more at this album.

Sep 25, 2017 4 comments
Merckx Mondays

You can never have too many Eddy Merckx prints. Artist Richard Long made 100 of these giclée prints on 29.5cm x 21 cm on high-quality Redcliffe 210gsm Watercolour Paper to fit in an A4 frame with border. Head over to to order.

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Merckx Mondays

Mick from 100 Tacos‘ Eddy Merckx Pista has some lovely beausage. After the seat stay cap cracked, he had it repaired and rather than paint-matching the raw steel, he let it oxidize, giving this bike lots of character. While this isn’t a complete photoset, I think these photos capture this bike wonderfully. Killer ride, Mick!

Jul 10, 2017 15 comments
Merckx Mondays

Man, I wish I could go to this!

“In 1976 Danish Filmmaker Jorgen Leth made the legendary sports and cycling film, A Sunday in Hell, about the Paris Roubaix cycling race. It defined a genre and helped put the Paris-Roubaix on the global sporting map. Watch some of the greatest cyclists ever compete in the most prestigious single-day event in professional bike racing. The golden era of cycling is in full form here. This is definitely the most important documentary ever made on the sport and argulably one of the best sports documentaries ever filmed. Simone Pace and Amedeo of Blonde Redhead have prepared an incredible adapted score that they will perform live accompanied by a string ensemble.

Live score by Amedeo Pace and Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead) with Jeanann Dara and chamber ensemble.”

Pick up tickets at the Bicycle Film Festival!

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Merckx Mondays

It’s easy to understand why people call Merckx the greatest of all time, especially when watching his stage 12 of 1967 Giro d’Italia victory. It was the first time Eddy won a mountain stage, thus beginning to carve his legacy. Nice find, Tracko.

May 22, 2017 1 comment
Eddy Merckx Motorola Corsa Extra with Dura Ace 25th Anniversary

This is a special Merckx Mondays treat. Sean from Team Dream recently acquired an Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in the Motorola livery, laced with a beautiful NOS Dura Ace 25th Anniversary group. I’ve personally never seen this group on a bike, in person before, so it was a real pleasure photographing it. Sure, there are a few blemishes on the kit, like the insertion marks on the seat post, which were like that before Sean acquired it, but overall, this bike is a real gem.

Sean also has the case for the 25th group, which came with the fabled wrist watch. Once he replaces this group with a modern Campagnolo Athena kit, he’ll be displaying the 25th in its case at the Cub House, along with the bike itself. If you’re in the South Pasadena area, make sure you roll through the Cub House and check it out in person because no photos do this bike justice in real life!

Apr 10, 2017 28 comments
Merckx Mondays

I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. We’ll be back in full swing tomorrow with some year in review posts. Santa Merckx hopes you didn’t buy any upgrades for Christmas, so go ride up grades! Original photo via Old Campy.

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