Merckx Mondays on a Tuesday


Merckx Mondays on a Tuesday

Photo courtesy of FYXO

There was once a noble man named Eddy Merckx. This Belgian cyclist won pretty much every race he entered (ok that’s a stretch) and broke the hour record in Mexico. For years to come, he developed tubing with Columbus and sponsored some of the top teams in the 1980’s and 90’s racing circuits.

So what happened to Merckx in 2011? He fucked up. Real bad. Check out more of this depressing Merckx Mondays below!


Dude. What the fuck is this piece of shit? Seriously. How can you take such a great legacy and market it to “hipsters”, totally disrespecting your own name. I really don’t get how companies can fuck it up this bad. The equation is simple: people love vintage frames, so make exact replicas of the frames people love. This “UMX Mexico” was designed to celebrate Eddy’s 1972 hour record held in Mexico City.

Now, I might be going blind but I don’t see a retarded geometry here, or bullshit bullhorns. So where did the Eddy Merckx factory come up with that orange, praying mantis look alike?

His original hour record bike was elegant and classy. All silver components, many of which were drilled by Pino Mirroni and if you look closely, the bike actually fits Merckx, with a traditional “grip of seatpost”. So why is it so hard for the Eddy Merckx factory to take some SLX tubing (or hell, ANY Columbus tubing) and replicate a run of replica Molteni track frames?

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Because that would be too easy. Shame on you Eddy Merckx for signing off on this piece of shit. You’ve disgraced your own name!