Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


While NYC is good for some things, it sucks for others! I dropped off this newsletter two weeks ago to a local shop so they could scan a few pages out of it. When I went by to pick up the scanned images today, they hadn’t even started on it! Everyone was “too afraid to handle the paper”. While I track down another print shop to scan this, I figured I’ll go ahead and post some photos so people like Tracko will shut up already!

Check out more from this Merckx Mondays below!


Cycling illustrations from the 1970’s are to die for. Not since the ‘golden era’ has their been such thoughtful artwork depicting some of the greatest rivalries of all time.


And yes, even in the 1970’s, cyclists were pervs.


This issue of Competitive Cycling (April 1976) has two articles on Merckx. One on his early 70’s career.


And one on his victory over Bernard Thevenet on the track. Both excellent reads and hopefully I’ll have full scans up shortly!