Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


The Molteni jersey and frames that Merckx rode are icons from the history of professional cycling. Even when they’re in black and white, you still know what you’re looking at. Tokyo Fixed Gear recently visited Kamir’s show at Tom Dixon‘s and on display is this Molteni Corsa Extra. For those of you who appreciate throwback designs, you need to read on.

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Need a last-minute gift idea? Live in Austin? Pick up one of these from Mellow Johnny’s for $130. It’s long-sleeve wool so it’s well worth it! I want one but I’m afraid it will clash with my MX-Leader.


I’ll hold off for now… Want something a little richer to buy for the Merckx fan? How about this Merckx Pista on eBay?

In another piece of Merckx History:


Tullio Campagnolo passed away on February 3, 1983. Who else gave the Eulogy other than Eddy Merckx?

“Dear Commendatore Campagnolo:

On behalf of the cyclists all over the world, of those known or unknown, I address to you from this square of this church a touched good-bye. You deserve to belong to our life’s memories because, rider like us, you have known before us our fatigue, and you have helped us.

You have done it with that generous intelligence that was the fruit of your goodness as man and as entrepreneur.

You have been the most faithful and precious of our helpers. You arrived first for seven times, with me, to the goal of the Milano-Sanremo; you were with me under the snow the day I was climbing victorious, the road of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. I shared with you every success.

In telling you good-bye in the name of all the presents and of those who regret not being here, I wish to repeat an act of faith heard in this church.

You will remain with us, riders of all ages and of all classes, as a dear and unforgettable road fellow. A good friend.

I tell it to you in a bad Italian, maybe, but with an Italian heart because, thanks to you, there is a piece of Italy with your name on all the bicycles of the world.

Your memory will remain always with us.


See you next week!