Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


Remember this Sheppard Jones illustration from a few Merckx Mondays ago? Well one of my favorite female fixed freestyle riders sent this to me last week.

It’s a Merckx Mondays post and there’s more below!


Devan from Sorta Like a Dream knows of my love for the Cannibal and when The Saturday Night Sprints went down in Nashville, she picked up the print for me! It got a little bent up in shipping but once i frame it, those creases will disappear. Thanks Devan! And by the way, I love your third profile photo on your blog!

Now onto some eBay finds.


If I didn’t just commit to a custom road bike, I’d be snatching this bad boy up. Matching Merckxs are the best!


Or maybe a Motorola team bike is more your style?


Last but not least is this fishy Merckx Pista. I say fishy not because it’s not official but the serial number is throwing me off. From my research on, there’s not an S-indicator but it could be a 5, denoting a 55cm frame. At any rate, it appears to be a repaint as some of the cast lettering is filled in. It’s still a Merckx Pista and it’s on eBay now. Cross your fingers!

Hopefully that gives you a few options to burn your tax return on!

Edit: Here’s an update from Jeremy of Tears for Gears on that pista:

“Looks like a TERRIBLE repaint. Non-minimal chance the date code is just flooded.

The S I think is a builder/brazer marking, or may denote a “special” build. Makes sense to see on a pista, since they would be prime candidates for a custom order.

The older “windowed” cinelli bb with the V brake bridge suggests its a late 85/86/87 frame to me.

Not sure if the fork is original or not. There should be a paper sticker on the inside that matches the serial on the frame, but it could go missing pretty easily if there’s been a repaint or rechrome. Flat crown without the logo doesn’t actually bother me – pretty sure but not positive the pista’s didn’t have the logo on the crown.

What’s the size on it?

That color is really terrible and very un-Merckx-like. If you’re thinking about buying, I hope you’re thinking repaint. :)”

Good to know!