Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

This week’s Merckx Mondays is filled with user-submitted material and I gotta admit, not only does it make my life easier but it gives me a fresh perspective on things. First up is this awesome post over on Velodramatic featuring the quest for Eddy Merckx in a forest on the road to Spa. It’s a great read for sure!

With the Tour in full swing, we’re reminded of the greats that ruled the roads on Italian tires and steel bikes for decades. A video and two steel beauties await you. Check out the continuation of Merckx Mondays below!

Eddy Merckx, the best ever cyclist, has a message for 7-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong (Tour de France 2010)

From seeing Lance bloom on Motorola to his empire today, the Cannibal wishes him best of luck in the 2010 Tour!

How about a toasty Domo Farm-Frites Merckx Pista? Corsa Extras are still, to this day, one of the nicest-riding steel track frames I’ve ever ridden. This one’s from the early 2000’s and is sittin’ pretty at Loose Nuts Cycles in Atlanta. It’s for sale too. For the right price of course.

Dammit Andy, you just had to make it into two posts today didn’t you?

If you’ve got any stories to tell of Merckx, or maybe you’ve got a good photo of your bike, email me so I can feature it next week! Please, no cell phone shots!