Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

Those of you who followed the Tour at all this year might have noticed that special Eddy Merckx bike that Sylvain Chavanel was riding after his stage 2 victory. The EMX-5 isn’t my cup of tea, I’m a steel man but that doesn’t mean that I completely ignore what Merckx is doing for modern racing. Over in Brussels, the Merckx team got together and did something special for Sylvain’s Tour bike. A reader from Belgium sent me some photos for a special Merckx Mondays.

Check the rest out below.

Sylvain Chavanel’s stage 2 victory led the team at EM to whip up a special paintjob.

Good to see they had a sense of humor during the process…

The resulting paintjob was a real neck-breaker and made international cycling news blogs everywhere.

Just love that green!

After the paint was dry, the bike was ready to be ridden. Sylvain Chavanel had one sick EMX-5. Many thanks to Jonathan from Belgium for sending me these photos! Hopefully this comes at a good time for everyone. This year’s Tour was intense!