Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

This week’s Merckx Mondays is all about the team 7-11 bikes! One of the more iconic team colors, the 7-11 production frames were made from Columbus TSX tubing.

7-11 had a lot of talent on the team throughout the years, including Andy Hamsten. If you followed cycling at all in the 80’s, you’d remember his name. Even though he rode a John Slawta-built Huffy 7-11 in the early years, eventually 7-11 became a Merckx team in 1989-1990. Later on he even rode for Motorola, another Merckx team. More on that to come!

In the meanwhile, check out the various media support on the 7-11 Merckx and a very nice build from Sage Brown.

Check out the retail of the complete build!

Another 7-11 rider, Dag Otto Lauritzen’s winning cover.

Sage Brown’s 7-11 build. He recently sold this on eBay for a pretty penny. In the late 90’s Eddy Merckx re-issued the 7-11 team colors in a limited run. The easiest way to tell if it’s an original or a re-issue is the re-issues had a sloping crown, not a flat-crown fork.

Thanks to Tears for Gears and Diablo Scott for the imagery.