Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

Doing the weekly Merckx Mondays post has been a lot of fun. People from all-over have emailed me with Eddy Merckx bikes they’ve found online, or even bikes from their own stables. This one in particular has been sent my way on multiple occasions. It’s my old Eddy Merckx Chromor pista from the early 90’s. I took these pictures a little over a year ago so I apologize if you’ve already seen them. Since this bike gets emailed to me so often, I figured it’s time to post it up. Even though it’s made from a lower-end Columbus tubeset, the ride was surprisingly nice.

At this point in time, the build list was as follows:
-59cm Eddy Merckx Pista
-Corsa Record Cranks, Bottom-Bracket and Headset
-Super Record Seatpost and Pedals
-Nuovo Record Pista Chainring, Caps and Bolts
-Concor Profil Saddle
-Cinelli 2a Stem and Cinelli Criterium Bars
-MKS clips and Toshi Doubles
-36h Phil Wood SLR fix/fix to Mavic Open Pro Ceramics

The build changed over-time and eventually I found that the bike was just a little too small for me. I ended up trading my Stuttgart pista for this frame. Overall, both parties got a good deal and both bikes get ridden frequently. Various other pictures are over on my Flickr account.