MEL Shop Visit: The Fitzroy Revolution


MEL Shop Visit: The Fitzroy Revolution


One of the things I’m striving to do is to cover multiple types of bike shops in the cities that I travel to. While I may cater to the more “boutique” style shops here on the blog, many other shops have some legitimate eye candy as well. When Andy hooked me up with DC, the owner of The Fitzroy Revolution in Melbourne, he leant me the Specialized Elite Crux cross bike. In return, I decided that I wanted to do a Shop Visit because behind the facade, this Specialized shop has some incredible vintage eye candy!

Check out more below!


In the window, you’re presented with brand-spankin’ new Specialized road bikes.


But if you look behind them, you’ll see some vintage items in the casework.


Here, you make the connection as to where the current form of road racing evolved from.


And if you look closely around the shop, you’ll find some local history hanging from the walls.


The shop is spacious, with plenty of natural light. DC stocks the full line of Specialized products and like many shop owners, everything he rides is from the brand. Just visit their Flickr and you’ll see the kinds of riding they do: cross, MTB and road, these guys are cyclists.


So the next time you’re in Melbourne, swing through and see DC and the boys, take a look at the newest from Specialized and ogle at the vintage eye candy in the casework. With more and more bike shops opening up in the city, it’s nice to have someone who’s been doing this for years holding it down. Check out a few more photos at my Flickr!

The Fitzroy Revolution
106 Victoria Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9419 4397
Monday – Friday 8-6
Saturday 10-5