Matt Lingo Workshop


Matt Lingo Workshop

How awesome is this? Matt Lingo’s a stand up guy for putting it on. Here’s what he has to say about it:

This is something I’ve been planning for a while, working on it in between projects. I’m not charging for it since it’s sort of a trial run for me to see if I can make these things work and the kind of response I’ll get. I’d rather also keep it fairly informal, and I couldn’t do that if I’m charging money to come. It’s going to focus mostly on fixed gear related stuff since that’s mostly what I do now a days, so that’s what I’ll be discussing as far as business goes. Like it says on the flyer though I don’t have alot of room, so it’s first come first serve and I’m hoping anyone who’s planning to bail gets a hold of me fast to make up room for others. We’re doing the talking portions in the lounge part at Leader since that’s air-conditioned, with the shooting portion taking place in the actual warehouse. If anyone needs to come from out of town there’s plenty of room at my house to stay at.

Bravo Matt.