Martyn Great Lengths


Martyn Great Lengths


Martyn, the Dutch dubstep producer just released another full-length entitled Great Lengths. I’m a big fan of the Dutch electro scene as long as it’s not the Rotterdam-native genre, gabber. Martyn’s label 3024, which now seems to be based in DC is growing strong and this album is a great addition.


Great Lengths picks up dubstep where 2562 and Appleblim left off last, combining more positive dance tones to a genre often littered with dark and deep beats. Whereas D1, Coki and Loefah summon basslines that will make your stomach reverberate and ears bleed, Martyn creates beats that overlap to create a complex musical scenery. Almost Detroit house-esque in some senses but with broken beats and dubstep basslines along the way.

Eindhoven, his hometown and Rotterdam, where he lived for 5 years greatly influenced this album. Eindhoven was the stronghold for Chicago and Detroit house in Holland around the early 90’s. Since then, Rotterdam and the Hague have begun to pick up on the house scene and artists like Legowelt have been pushing it for years.

Bottom line, get this album. If you’re into electro, house or dubstep, you won’t be disappointed.