Locked Up: Tommasini Pista


Locked Up: Tommasini Pista


This happens to me all the time. I’m zoning out, riding to a destination and I catch all of a sudden, something sexy catches my eye from the sidewalk. Sure, sometimes it’s a summer dress and other times it’s a piece of Italian steel. TSX steel at that. This gorgeous Tommasini was locked up on Wythe the other day and I had to stop and take photos of it.

Check out some more shots below.


All-chrome with the typically-delicate Italian paint jobs of the era.


A very atypical detail of TSX-framed track bikes are misaligned track ends. See how the track ends aren’t level? They’re kinda pointing up. Some of the lower-end frames had this. Most likely due to human error in the production process but not on the higher-end frames.


The Tommasini “T” is one of my favorite bicycle logos to ever come out of Italy.


Such a nice bike! Here’s a better angle showing the track ends slightly pointing up. I love the build. Nitto ergos, Campy Record to Velocity Aero, Campy Pista and a well-worn Rolls saddle, the saddle of choice for many pros in the 80’s. For a few more photos, you can head over to my Flickr.