Locked Up: Schwinn Paramount Road


Locked Up: Schwinn Paramount Road


The Whole Foods on 6th street here is a haven for Beautiful Bicycles. Just today as I was getting lunch, I came across this gorgeous Paramount. It was too nice to pass by!

Check out a few more photos below!


What first caught my eye were the Paul Racer centerpull caliper brakes. They’re so freaking gorgeous and with the option to mount to a brake bridge, rather than having to use a braze-on, you can achieve that Mafac look on a road bike.


Now that’s a Well Used Rolls!


The Schwinn Paramounts have always been some of my favorite bicycles to come out of the United States.


And this one is dripping with details! After I shot these photos, I ran into the owner, Gideon. Turns out he’s got quite the stable and rather than show the entire bike in this post, I’m going to meet up and shoot photos at a later date. But for now check out more at my Flickr!