Learning to Fish and Chip


Learning to Fish and Chip

learning to fish and chip from ryan wooley on Vimeo.

Trick Track is a valuable resource for people who may not have a lot of local riders to practice with. For instance, this trick first popped up in SoCal about a year ago, but was in the “one-footed” phase. Now, people have started to do them “two-footed”. Questions arose and kids wanted to know how to do these…

To answer their questions, Ryan Wooley posted a video in the “360 forward slider thingy” thread showing people how it’s done. Really valuable resource. If web-edits were around back when street skateboarding and bmx first started, I wonder how that would have affected the sports?

Think about the first freestyle skaters to do a moving ollie and how that affected street skating for decades to come.

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