KVA Stainless is Proud to Sponsor the 2011 NACCC


KVA Stainless is Proud to Sponsor the 2011 NACCC

Remember that killer Anderson road bike I showed you from NAHBS? Or Aaron from Six-Eleven‘s stainless track bike?


Both are stainless and both were made from KVA Stainless. KVA is unique in that they’re not just rebadging Chinese tubesets. KVA is made in America and before their presence, there weren’t many options for builders who wanted 100% made in the USA materials. They’ve developed patented technologies to produce stainless steel tubing, MS2™ bicycle tubing, stainless steel pipes and other components and this year, they’re giving away two custom framesets to the winners of the 2011 NACCC.

That’s one custom for the men’s winner and one for the women’s.

You think you’re fast? When’s the last time you had a custom bike? Get your ass to Austin now and win that! I hear some talented framebuilders will be making these!