Knog: New Party Combo Locks


Knog: New Party Combo Locks


This week, Knog announced the newest addition to their line: the Party Combo lock. These 620mm long combination locks are meant to keep your bike from walking away at a cafe, not for long-term use, unless you live in Japan…

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Still got the seamless 620mm-long cable.
And the braided high-tensile steel wire.
And the fibre core technology that beats away bolt-cutters.
Still overmoulded using industrial grade UV-stablised silicone to protect your bike, your fingers, and your reputation.
Still only 300g.
Still in 8 fancy pants colours.
But now we’ve lost the key, and found 10,000 unique lock combinations.

-Patented seamless overmould using industrial grade UV stable silicone. Will not mark or scratch your ride.
-8mm Stainless steel locking shackle. No leverage points ensures extra security against attacks.
-Rotating dial lock barrel, with 10,000 unique combinations. Materials: Zinc Alloy Die Cast.
-Braided steel with fibre core (making cable more secure in the event of bolt cutter attacks).
-Outer Cable Diameter: 12mm.
-Internal Steel Cable Diameter: 5mm.
-620mm in length.
-Weighs 300g.
-Colour Range: Black, Lime, Turquoise, Rose, Red, Grape, Indigo & White.