KMC 1710 Half Link “Grind Chain”


KMC 1710 Half Link “Grind Chain”

You may have seen the new DK Prototype Chain that Adam posted on the Come Up last week. Now images of the KMC 1710 Half Link chain have surfaced on Fat BMX. Paul’s Boutique in the Netherlands is testing a few out and they posted some spy shots. Their rider, Timo van Lierop is trying to kill one at the moment.

With normal chains, you can get hung up by the openings in the top. Not here. Like the DK chain, the KMC chain has a plate that allows you to grind on it, without wearing down the links. Not that I think constantly grinding on your fixed gear’s chain is a good idea, but maybe these will hold up to the occasional grind? Fixed Gears put their chains under a great deal of stress and grinding one would require constant monitoring. The last thing you want to do is break or drop a chain in traffic, or bombing a hill.

One thing’s for sure, these chains do look like a promising half-link option. With a smaller ring, you could grind on your sprocket without tweaking the splined interface. I’ve yet to grind on my Tree, but maybe it’s time to test it out.