Keep it 700c the Sun Ringlé MTX 33 Rim Give-Away


Keep it 700c the Sun Ringlé MTX 33 Rim Give-Away


After I pulled a mean April Fool’s joke on my readers, Sun Ringlé offered to set up a legit give-away. While it’s not a complete wheelset, it’ll get you rolling again. I’ve ridden a ton of rims and banged them up over time. While no 700c rim is bomb-proof, there are some that are tougher than the rest. Since getting on the MTX33’s back in February, I’ve had great luck with them. So much luck that I’ma keep riding them. Now you can too. Some people like 26″ fixed and others like 700c fixed. This contest is for the 700c army out there!

The name of the game is simple. Post photos of your trashed 700c freestyle wheels and a story behind them. The more detail the better and if you’ve got photos of cuts / bruises acquired through riding, that’ll help. We wanna see how people are riding and what they’re doing to destroy their wheels. The most compelling story and photos win a set of 36h Black Non-machined MTX 33’s from Sun Ringlé.

PLEASE, I’ll be away from my computer tomorrow, so tag your HTML code with the Width=500 tag. If you don’t do it, I won’t approve the comment. It’s an easy task, just take your time posting. You’ve got a week, so don’t fret!