Jason Sanchez: Razor Sharp Wet Paint


Jason Sanchez: Razor Sharp Wet Paint


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking at numerous bicycle frame painters in the US. With my Icarus track bike nearing completion, the time has come to nail down a painter. When I opened up Jason Sanchez‘s website for the first time, this one image just burned itself in the back of my mind. How clean is that?

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There’s a moment when you realize that you’ve long admired someone’s work before without knowing who it was.


Dave Wages builds absolutely stunning Beautiful Bicycles under the name Ellis Cycles and part of that has to do with the painter, Jason Sanchez. His work is timeless and precise. The only downside is, what would happen if you chipped your frame! I suppose that’s just part of making a custom bike truly yours.

Man, the Icarus would look great after Jason got through with it. Not that it already lacks any swagger!

I wanna thank a certain Sparrow for turning me onto Jason’s work!