Introducing the Stooge Cycles Scrambler


Introducing the Stooge Cycles Scrambler

If your jaw dropped when you saw the new Stooge Cycles Scrambler, then you’re not alone. This new frame was conceived in 2016 but for various reasons, never made it to fruition. Here’s the story from Stooge Cycles:

“The Scrambler, first and foremost, is a trail-shredding rigid bike, but unlike my other frames, it comes with all manner of mounts (rack and cage mounts on the biplane fork, triple cage mount x 2 on the downtube, bottle cage on the seat tube, rear rack mount and half-rack mount for saddlebag supports). I call it a radventure bike, an adventure bike you can still get rad on, still take around the old BMX track, but still ride into the sunset on in all-day-comfort with Knocking On Heaven’s Door playing in the background. It still has twin tope tubes but there’s room for a bigger bag (talking of which, Wizardworks are coming on board to produce a framebag for this. Hurrah for Wizardworks).

2 sizes this time around, an 18 and a 20. The ETT on both is 610 and 635 respectively. I wanted this bike to be a little shorter than the MK4 for a slightly more upright riding position. Coupled with the short chainstays this will feel really poppy and light on its feet. I’ve also opted for B+ as a primary wheel size. I love the agility this size offers and missed having a B+ bike in my line-up. The head angle on these is 67 degrees, so fair bit slacker than the earlier frames and the Speedball. I think it’s going to be a magic number. Of course, you can still run 29er on this, and if you do make sure the front tyre is a big as you can get hold of, preferably a Duro Crux (AKA the best front tyre in the world ever).”

See more at Stooge Cycles and you can order a Scrambler now.