Integrated, Easy, and Made in the USA: Wolf Tooth’s CAMO BashSpider and Ring


Integrated, Easy, and Made in the USA: Wolf Tooth’s CAMO BashSpider and Ring

Modern mountain bikes have low bottom brackets. There are many reasons for the push for lower bottom brackets but like each technological or geometric advancement, there is always an effect. One of which is you’re very likely to smash your chainring on rocks with a low bottom bracket and while there is a multitude of bash guards out there, I’ve recently tried out the Wolf Tooth CAMO BashSpider and chainring. Read on below for a quick review of this system on my Starling Murmur with Cane Creek eeWings cranks…


The eeWings share the same pattern as SRAM’s cranks, so Wolf Tooth sent over the SRAM Camo BashSpider and chainring to mount up. These BashSpiders have little bosses that allow you to line up the chainring easily before bolting the chainring to the BashSpider. Using a torque wrench, torque these bolts to 4-5nm and be sure to use a thread locker. You can also swap out rings without removing the BashSpider. Here, I have a 28t chainring installed. This system only works with CAMO 28T-34T round or 30T-32T elliptical chainrings, unfortunately, third-party rings will not work.

Made in the USA

It’s no secret that made in the USA matters to me. The BashSpider and CAMO rings are machined in-house at Wolf Tooth from 7075-T6 aluminum and come in a nice, matte black finish. The BashSpider weighs just a hair over 100g and the 28t ring, less than that. Both the spider and the rings feel resilient, with exceptional finishing and feel. Since Wolf Tooth’s chainrings use “Drop Stop” tech to keep your chain on the ring, there’s no need for a chain guide – which I had to remove for this install – hence the empty, red nut in this photo.

Smash and Bash

Naturally, once I put the BashSpider on, I haven’t hit it on anything with it but I’m sure the day will come. I’ve already broken two chains on this bike due to smashing them on rocks, so I’ll be glad to not have to repair another one trailside. As you can see, with the 28t ring, there’s about a 1/2″ of protection offset from the chainring which is a nice buffer. This system adds to the funky vibes of the Murmur, which has proven to be quite the bike for the big trails here in Santa Fe.

The BashSpider comes in at $59.95 with the chainrings come in at $49.95. These BashSpiders are also compatible with the CAMO stainless rings which retail for $99.95.

Wolf Tooth is constantly designing, engineering, and manufacturing products in the US of A that solve problems on your MTB or gravel bike and the BashSpider/CAMO system is yet another example of their motivations. See the full CAMO offering at Wolf Tooth.