Injured in Japan


Injured in Japan

Sucks! I feel like I’ve been injured this entire trip. Last Shiba Friday, I compacted my heel, bruising the sides and bottom of my left foot. Two days later it was ridable and walkable so we went to ride.

On the way home, I got in a wreck with BMW Joe and my Right leg had a tennis-ball sized lump on the side and my left ankle was swollen.

Then yesterday I felt right to ride so I went to Shiba Friday. Spent all night riding up to par and feeling great. Around the end of the night, I 180’d the second kicker like I had been doing all night when my foot slid off the pedal and landed awkwardly on the ground. I looked at it and it had a huge protrusion sticking out, so I snapped it “back in place”. I think I broke something because I can’t put any weight on it. Luckily I got a ride home and have spent the day icing it down.

I still can’t walk on it and that means no food. Everyone’s at the Keirin races and I’m stuck here.

I guess the good news is that I’ve uploaded all of my pictures from the trip. Here are the most recent uploads and the full set is here. So check them out over at my Flickr.