Initial Reaction: Colossi Cycles’ Double Dog Stem


Initial Reaction: Colossi Cycles’ Double Dog Stem


When I first saw the Colossi Cycles Double Dog stem, I salivated, even though I was unsure of the structural stability of its design. Sure, I’ve seen similar stems before, but always with the slot at the top of the stem, never on the sides. A few days after I posted it up, I got an email from Colossi asking me if I’d like to try one out. Not knowing immediately what I’d use it for, I asked for a quill stem. Then a few days later, a new project came up so I specified a 110mm 1 /8″ threadless at 73°, the classic angle used by Cinelli for their 1a road stems*.

Check out more photos below!


Well, Saturday morning, it came in the mail! I was really stoked on it. Right out of the box, I noticed how solid it was. But something looked a bit off. The 73° was used as a rise (which technically makes it a 107°). Initially, I was a bit bummed but then I realized that it’d be perfect for another project.


So once this new frame comes in, I’ll toss it on and give a full review of it. If my gut instinct is right this time, I’d safely say that this sucker won’t flex as much as I thought it would initially. I’m holding it right now, alongside a Thomson and a Salsa and it’s pretty freaking solid. I can’t wait to ride it!

Thanks to the Colossi team for hooking it up! Check out a few more photos at my Flickr.

*Note: The Cinelli 1a measures 73°, the 2a has a sharper angle of 65°, 3a even more extreme, 58°. But in today’s terms, stems are measured in (-)degrees. So a more fitting note would have been -17°…