Initial Reaction: 44RN Wrks Dsn 144#47 Track Chainring


Initial Reaction: 44RN Wrks Dsn 144#47 Track Chainring



Talk to any machinist or bicycle component manufacturer and they’ll tell you that a chainring is one of the more difficult components to machine. The rings have to be absolutely round and perfect or you’ll get tight areas upon rotation. For this reason, many machining houses simply won’t fabricate them. That was just one of the hurdles industrial designer and fabricator Aaron Panone had to jump when producing his 144#47 Track Chainrings. Aaron showed me various versions of this ring and when I finally received one in the mail, I was blown away at the quality of machining.

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Each ring is inspected and packed, only to be signed by Aaron before being shipped.


He made a limited run of 50 rings: 30 in black anodizing and 20 in clear.


The rings were fully CNC machined from certified 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum plate stock. Each ring was then lightly buffed and delivered to another local shop for black and clear hardcoat anodizing.


Aaron explains that:

“At no point in the process of making these chainrings did a file or manual deburring instrument touch the parts, every single edge on the chainring (front and back) has a precision machine-broken 45-degree 0.010-in deep chamfer. A custom 20-degree chamfer tool was used to precisely bevel each tooth during the machining process.”


To keep the retail of these beautiful chainrings down, he only marked them up $17, setting your cost at $67. Aaron really wanted to make these in the Boston area and he’s put a ton of design research into this ring. If you buy one, make sure you change your chain with the new ring, it’ll be almost silent! If I had a set of 144bcd track cranks laying around, I would have installed them. Right now, all I have is a set of 151 bcd Campy Pista cranks. Once I track some down, I’ll do a follow-up review.


In the meantime, pick one up here at 44rn_Wrks_Dsn’s web shop! Support made in the USA products!