Initial Impressions: An Adidas Velosamba Unboxed Review


Initial Impressions: An Adidas Velosamba Unboxed Review

A few weeks ago, Adidas announced the new Velosamba “commuter” shoes. I jumped on them as soon as the press release hit our inbox and I must say, I’m impressed. Read on for a more detailed look as well as some initial impressions…

One critique I heard from people who hadn’t even seen these shoes in person is that the cleat would sit proud of the sole, causing an annoying tapping as you’d walk. The truth is, these cleats are well recessed in the gum sole and do not make contact with the floor.

With reflective strips, as well as a reflective logo on the heel, these will make for a great commuter shoe. As far as stiffness. They aren’t road shoes but I’d say they’re as stiff as my XC/trail mountain bike shoes. Adidas made these for commuters but I’m planning on riding them on my mountain bike.

Sambas are an icon and the Velosambas look very close to the OG shoes. They do feel more secure and robust. Like they were beefed up a bit for their job. Adidas makes fine footwear and the detailing reflects that. There is no excess glue or hardness in the suede. The soles look durable and the fit is spot on. These really are a grand effort by the brand to solidify its dedication to making superior athletic wear.

The Velosambas sold out immediately but Adidas is restocking them. They’ll be a staple within its lineup and this shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how Adidas bought FiveTen a few years back and has been steadily building its cycling product line up to be a part of its athletics catalog.

Adidas Velosamba
Retail: $120.00
Size shown here: 12US