Independent Fabrication: Titanium Factory Lightweight


Independent Fabrication: Titanium Factory Lightweight


Visiting framebuilders like Indy Fab can be quite overwhelming. As a bike enthusiest and cyclist, you walk in like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Eyes wide, partially salivating and looking around for some bike that you could nonchalantly walk out with. When I first saw the Titanium Factory Lightweight, that’s exactly what I thought.

Hell, this thing weighs about 13lbs. I can walk out with that right?

Check out more photos below.


That snazzy saddle clamp, aka the IFtop clamp was designed with a local Boston designer, _aarn. The crown insignia was carried over into other areas of the bike.


The paint job of this bike was influenced by the old factory lightweight bad-ass muscle cars that came out of Detroit in the 60’s.


With a big-as-hell headset, this bike was designed to accept the 44mm headset standard.


Topped off with MadFiber wheels, this baby weighs in at just over 13lbs! Of course, if you follow IF’s blog, you already knew all this. Check back tomorrow for more photos from inside the Indy Fab facilities!