Icarus Frames: Commuterando for Blue Lug


Icarus Frames: Commuterando for Blue Lug




For frame builders, randonneuring, or commuter frames can present a bit of a headache with all of the braze-ons and clearance concerns. It certainly takes a bit of planning, fittings and patience. Ian Sutton at Icarus Frames recently published one such project on his blog.

This “commuterando” frame features unique bottom bracket cable routing, a custom stem with internal brake hanger and a bell mount. The classic proportions, round tubing and 650b 38mm tires make it comfortable for bumping around the city or cruising down a dirt path.

Kudos to Ben Falcon for the paint and a cross-Pacific high five goes to the crew at Blue Lug Tokyo for the build. See more detailed photos at the Icarus blog.