Hold Fast


Hold Fast

Well, here it is. The information I’ve been saying for months now that I would post. I’ve gotten a ton of emails over the past few month about the foot retention system I am using. There’s a bit of a back story here, but last year I started riding with Jeremiah. We rode a lot. Every weekend and when you spend that much time with people, you talk a lot about what you’d improve on your bike.

We were breaking toe clips almost every day. All it takes is one mis-calculated barspin and you’re spending the next 10 minutes switching it out with a new one. Eventually, we sat down and talked about what to do. Jeremiah knew that people would want adjustability. I wear a lot of different shoes and I’m sure you do too. One of the gripes with Power Straps is you can’t adjust them. Jeremiah also knew that they’d have to be durable.

A few days later and he had a prototype. There’s no toe clip, because you don’t need them. With two areas of adjustability and a unique wedge-profile, your feet don’t slide forward. Adjust them to how you see fit with a set of BMX or MTB platforms. They’re great for gaps / stairs and drops. When you take off, your foot is wedged in tightly. I’ve come unclipped so many times doing gaps. With these, that’s not an issue.

I’ve spent the last 5 months or so riding these and I would never go back to toe clips and straps on my Bruiser. Ever. The newest version is by far the best and they’re now available to the public. Jeremiah and Rob hand make these in Red Hook, Brooklyn and are two stand up guys. The retail is $55 shipped to the US and if you’re interested in ordering a pair, hit up their email.

Their website is up, along with their blog, although a little underdeveloped, but you can also read the thread on Trick Track and Jeff at Bike Jerks made a nice post about them as well.