High on Fire: Snakes for the Divine “Frost Hammer”


High on Fire: Snakes for the Divine “Frost Hammer”

So so so fucking stoked on this release. High on Fire released a single, entitled “Frost Hammer” off their forthcoming album, Snakes for the Divine, last Friday. Following the masterpiece, Death is this Communion, the band seems to be in top-notch shape for producing their 5th album; a self-proclaimed magnum opus. Matt Pike’s sounding great, as are Des Kensel’s drums and this first single is killer. Unsurprisingly, artist Arik Roper, returns to adorn yet another release with beautiful cover art. Damn. Roper’s the man! Here’s Roper’s description on the inspiration for Snakes for the Divine:

This cover idea was loosely conceived by the band: The snakes representing “sin” and the woman having some biblical allusions ( Eve and Lilith).

More information, including the tracks, release date and high-resolution album art, is below.

Band: High on Fire
Album: Snakes for the Divine
Label: E1 Music
Release Date: February 23rd, 2010

1.) “Snakes for the Divine”
2.) “Frost Hammer”
3.) “Bastard Samurai”
4.) “Ghost Neck”
5.) “Fire, Flood & Plague”
6.) “How Dark We Pray”
7.) “Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter”
8.) “Mystery of Helm”

I’m waiting eagerly for February 23rd to get here.