Steve, Founder of Hardtail Party, Has Some Bad News

If you know Hardtail Party, you know Steve Hume. He embodies the unpretentious spirit of the YouTube channel he founded in early 2019. He’ll speak with the exact same enthusiasm about the titanium Binary Maniak 29+ frame he helped design, as he will about the updates on the Trek Roscoe or his daughter’s Woom balance bike. But he just posted a video on his channel that, despite somehow showcasing that same unflappable positivity, is very very different…

Steve has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). In his video, he speaks with remarkable candor about what the disease is, how he came to learn he had it, and how he expects to cope with it. But in true Steve fashion, his main motivation for making the video seemed to be to educate the viewer. To explain how to look out for the disease, and to listen to their body if they think something is wrong. One pointed omission from the video is any sort of Gofundme link.

Because Steve isn’t planning on going away any time soon, he’ll still be producing content with Hardtail party. It’s just going to change. So, you’ll still be able to give his channel a follow. And you can support it with a one-time donation at his buymeacoffe.com account, or take advantage of his bike-consultation service at patreon.com.