Halp a Fraind of Los Marcos!


Halp a Fraind of Los Marcos!

Photo by Fritz

A carrier pigeon from Los Marcostan just landed on my window sill with a message and a live fire cracker attached. Knowing the pigeon’s life was at risk, I quickly read the message:

EL CHOMBO – a good friend and possible dopplergager for EL MALO – was found himself in bad askident on Thurday night. In his own words, he say

“I woke up on the pavement, spitting out teeth and blood after clearly being unconscious for an undetermined period of time….I think I may have been sideswiped by a livery car. I woke up alone and injured….poured peroxide on my face….found my teeth on the ground just by simply following the blood trail….p.s. I had a helmet on!”

Our brother is damaged and he is goig to need you for helping. Please donate money through is Paypal RIGHT NOW.

At the end of the note it said, THIS MESAJE WILL SELF DESTRUCKT Quickly I threw the pigeon to the street where it exploded into candy.

To donate to the HALP CHOMBO FUNDZ, check out the Los Marcos Polo Site.