Brenton Salo at Ira Ryan Cycles

Portland has got to be home to more frame builders per mile than anywhere else in the world. It’s staggering to go down the list of talented individuals who inhabit that great city. Also calling Portland home are a few great photographers. One of which is someone who I’ve come to admire over the years. Brenton Salo is a phenomenal photographer. He effortlessly mixes digital with analog photography and much like modern, steel framebuilders, there’s an artwork to this talent.

I reached out to Brenton and asked him to document one such artisan. Ira Ryan, like Brenton, creates works of art with his hands and tools. He uses his eyes and his hands to shape perfection. His workspace, like many builders, is rich with textures, tools and hidden treasures. See for yourself as Brenton displays both digital and medium format photography below.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.