Greg from Geekhouse’s Woodville Touring Bike


Greg from Geekhouse’s Woodville Touring Bike


Let me use this opportunity to say that I just added 20+ more photos to the Shop Visit: Geekhouse Bikes Flickr set. Somehow they got misplaced on my machine but they’ve now made their way onto my Flickr. Anyway, this bike was first featured back in June, prior to Bianca and Greg’s cross country trip for the ASA. The tour went very well for the two, minus some slight hiccups and the fact that Greg had to kill a baby deer with a knife while on tour. Brutal! I’ll leave you hanging with the mental image of that while we look at Greg’s Woodville, after many miles and loving. This rounds out the Geekhouse trifecta after seeing Marty’s Mudville and Brad’s Rockcity.

Check out some more photos below.


The custom Icarus mustache bars are killer!


… and totally make the bike!


If one thing’s for sure, Marty and the crew made a bike specifically for Greg and his witty humor. Greg, you crazy man! Follow Greg and Bianca’s Tumblr here. What a trip! I can’t wait to get my Woodville rolling.