Gothenburg’s Svart Katt 2009


Gothenburg’s Svart Katt 2009

Gothenburg, Sweden is world renown for its death metal. Even with its close proximity to Norway and the booming black metal scene, Gothenburg has maintained its allegiance to spawning melodic death metal. That has nothing to do with this video though. The Svart Katt was an alleycat thrown in November of 2009 in Gothenburg.

More information is below:

The Svart Katt 2009 movie is filmed and produced by C. J. Engberg and Stavfel Produktion

A-photo by C. J. Engberg
Headcam photo by E. Nohlin
Artwork by K. Hallberg
B-photo by K. Hallberg

We like to thank everybody who rode, sponsored, shot photos, travelled to Gothenburg, got sweaty, froze, cheered and/or in any possible way helped Svart Katt 2009 be what it became. We didn’t dare to hope that almost 70 riders would show up to race their bikes in the darkest of Gothenburg on a cold cold cold November night. The whole parking lot was filled to the rim with black dressed riders wearing corpsepaint, masks and death-like outfits – and with the sounds of death metal reverberating from the speakers, the atmosphere was nothing but undescribable.

Music by Arise
Intro music (pounding from speakers at the start) by Cult of Luna.