Gettin’ Sconed with Garrett and Olive on their Frances Cycles Cargo Bike

Mornings with a two year old begin bright and early. For Garrett from Strawfoot and his wife, their schedules allow them to split the weekdays with their daughter Olive. For Garrett, that usually means breakfast duties around 6 or 7am, followed by a quick jaunt in their Frances Cycles cargo bike to Companion Bakeshop to “get sconed.”

Garrett and Olive

The Dadavist.

Garrett’s business, which we looked at earlier today, is nestled in a garage behind his home in Santa Cruz. He doesn’t like to drive their car around town, so spends most of his errand time on his custom Frances Cycles cargo bike. For the past few years, this bike has been Garrett’s go-to in terms of localized commuting. When Olive was born, he found a child seat and began taking her to the farmer’s market, the post office, the supply or grocery store.

Garrett and Olive

These trips usually involve a few distractions:
-a ride down the beach
-seeing the horsies
-seeing the chickens
-seeing the goats
-pedaling through the neighborhood gardens

Garrett and Olive

Keeping Olive engaged and happy is an ongoing process, as with any kid. Garrett just choses to do so on a bike. Commendable yes, but like most fathers know, getting time on the bike in while raising a child is precious!

Garrett's Frances Cycles Cargo Bike

Precious, just like this bike. Purpose-built, functional, smooth-rollin and easy on the eyes. Enjoy more details in the Gallery.


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