Firefly Bicycles: Titanium Commuter with Di2


Firefly Bicycles: Titanium Commuter with Di2


Firefly keeps on putting out the nicest photos of some killer projects. Now I’m just guessing here, based on other entries on their Tumblr, that this is a single speed MTB. Check out the bars and other teasers on their Tumblr and I cannot wait to see the full shots.


Edit: Tyler just linked me to the full gallery of this insane bike. It’s a Ti commuter with Di2 but to keep the minimal aesthetic, they machined the shifting for the derailleurs into the bars, via these tiny brass buttons. Holy shit! That is wild! Check out more details here. You guys are really killing it! Shop Visit next week. Promise!

By the way, I saw Graeme’s Ti road bike in Melbourne, looked fantastic!