Festka’s Latest Creation: the Spectre Porcelain


Festka’s Latest Creation: the Spectre Porcelain

The Czech-based framebuilder company Festka is always pushing the envelope of frame design and their latest build does just that. The Spectre Porcelain was created for a bike collector from Bangkok who is a lover of vintage porcelain. With the help of Czech artist Michal Bačák, Festka has created a finish, unlike anything they’ve made before. Michal hand-painted this frame to emulate a vintage porcelain heirloom piece, yet unlike fragile porcelain, this bike can be used quite rigorously…

Michal designed his own amalgam of the Portuguese Azulejo and English Churchill Blue Willow porcelain designs. He illustrated the entire bike by hand and added in 24-carat gold accents. Each gesture, every drop of paint was approved by the client, resulting in a true timeline depicting the owner’s life.

Michal documented the various milestones in the life of the owner, from the names of his children to his hobbies such as traveling, playing the flute and his love of bicycles and the sport of cycling.


Like porcelain, this bike will last through the ages, yet it is crucial to remember, this is a bicycle and a Feskta at that! It is a thoroughbred Spectre and it beckons the owner to be ridden and ridden hard.

“To get a perfect match we had to strip off the silver manufacturer’s logos and replace them with more subdued hand-painted designs of our own conception. And we replaced the default bearings in the Lightweight wheelset with best performance ceramic ones,” says Michael Moureček, co-founder of the Festka company.