FBM: Thousand Yard Stare Trailer


FBM: Thousand Yard Stare Trailer

Having done some hill bombs like this on my touring bike, I can only imagine how much fun the guys had filming this trailer for the new FBM video. I’ve seen the full DVD and it’s sick! Stoked like hell on this. It has one of the most bitchin’ soundtracks I’ve heard in a while.

“We have been working on our first team DVD in a long time, with All the dudes, Ruel Smith, Garrett Guilliams, Eric Hennessey, Tom Blyth, Adam Ginch, Kenny Horton and more… Its a new video with the classic FBM feel to it, personally I am really stoked on it!
Here is the trailer for it, The actual DVD should be out really soon… a week or 2 at most.”

Stay glued to FBM!